On Reflection
12 Dec 2022

Sometimes the world feels upside down… but on reflection… so what? Upside down is just the right side up, but the other way around. There might be some ripples that distort some of the details – but most of the features are still there and the proportions hold for the most part. Upside down is easy – upside down we can cope with. It’s all mishmashed you gotta watch out for – when everything gets all jumbled. As long as you can orient yourself in this cruel and harsh world – you can keep going. You may have to slow down to make progress. Figure out how the controls work in these particular and peculiar circumstances. But we do that anyway. Sometimes things feel slower than they are… and look worse than they are. The thing to do whenever stuff gets harsh or bad – nearly always – is to pause, take a step back, take a deep breath, observe so you can understand the situation as it is; carefully consider your options; pick one; and then go for it.

What the hell else are we to do? Curl up in a ball and cry?