October 7 Movie In The Works
6 Jun 2024

Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz – creators of the acclaimed Israeli series Fauda – will bring to the screen the story of real-life hero Noam Tibon. On the dreadful day of October 7, Tibon left everything and travelled from Tel Aviv down South to rescue his family in Kibbutz Nahal Oz. Following the successful rescue of his family, he then joined IDF units in the area and engaged in combat with them, ultimately saving numerous other lives from that kibbutz. The movie will likely be titled October 7 and will remind the world how and why this latest conflict started.

Lior Raz has made quite a name for himself on the international scene, starring in films such as Six Underground with Ryan Reynolds, and Operation Finale – as well as TV-series including Fauda, Hit & Run and others. Born to immigrants from Iraq and Algeria, he was raised in Jerusalem. He served as special ops in an IDF anti-terrorist unit. After his military service and spending some time in the US, he was the creative director for the one of the largest ad agencies in Israel (BBDO). He also founded “Kookooruza,” a production company for TV commercials in Israel. He’s acted in theatre companies and various TV series and films.

Like all civilians, the cast and crew of the Fauda Series was personally affected by the latest conflict – losing a team member, and with another cast member injured.