23 Feb 2023

To awe using buildings, you have to earn every inch. Even if the construction is ornate, finished to the highest designs or prepared with the grandest of materials – you have to build to impress. It takes work.

But a little bit of nature packs a punch far beyond it’s actual scope.

I love the urban garden.

It takes a desert of concrete and turns it into a living place. It radiates outward like a peace transmitter; it draws in like a well of fresh water; it anchors the people in the place and the place itself in a sense of reality – yes, this is the world on which we are, yes, despite all those spreadsheets and presentations and video calls in your head – you are connected, nay, intertwined, with the natural world.

This is a particularly beautiful example… one of my favourites.

And despite being the opposite of what cities are – it makes this city.