Now that you mention it…
23 Jan 2024

I know that I’m not the intended audience, and that it’s for trucks who need to escape the steep downslope of the road. But now that you mention it, I’ll take it as a sign. I can go the way I was supposed to, follow the plan as it was, go with the flow of traffic and expectation, so to speak.

But now that you mention it, why, yes, I would like to take the escape lane instead. And follow where the leaves may lead, away from the heavy traffic and the well-trodden ways.

I might, there, around the bend and within the mist, discover what I didn’t know was missing. Finding pathways no one else bothers to explore, seeing sights and hearing sounds that therefore no one else gets to see and hear.

There we will go, into the mist, on to the mountain, merging with the woods, finding wild places in ourselves and untamed terrain in our own souls.

With unintended audiences come unintended consequences, and at least in this case, no mistake was made.

No, none at all.