Nothing Quite Like A Plymouth Sunset
20 Apr 2023

We’re known for the sea… and the 30% wild and green space that makes up the city… and how we sit right on the edge of Devon and Cornwall… and Yachts… and the Navy.

But there is another potential claim to fame I seldom hear anyone talk about.

The sky of Plymouth is a constantly changing canvas.

The clouds put on a show – I have nowhere else seen such a vibrant variety of clouds – there’s always something different, something interesting, a new Roschach display that you can make of whatever you will.

And then, the sunsets…

A lot of places and peoples claim special nature skies around the world. Like BBQ, it seems everyone claims ownership of particularly inspiring air when the sun moves through it.

But you can’t see the glows of pink and orange, the warm hues, the exuberant displays, and not know that right here, you have something just a little bit *more* special, than all the other specials you’ve seen.

What a perfect place to work from. What a beautiful place to live.