New Sections
18 May 2024

To reflect the stellar growth of the blog, we’re expanding our coverage and categories. Behind the scenes we’ve been hard at work to create new sections – including a brand-new HUMOUR & SATIRE category. By demand of TLC members, we’re also bringing back the FLASH FICTION & POETRY category. We’re introducing THE LATEST FROM PETE – so that all news and updates about the works, worlds and developments of and involving Peter van der Walt is nicely contained in one place. This will give the rest of the blog the chance to continue to develop separately from its original creator… with UPDATES now reserved for uncategorised miscellanea and sundries, as well as a new ANNOUCEMENT area for breaking headlines of blog-wide import. ENTERTAINMENT will now just cover the broader entertainment world rather than any of Peter’s work. It’s a slightly messy ride from an organisational point of view, but readers of the blog need not really be bothered at all – they will continue to get the features they like, new features, more regular postings, growing scope, slowly rising standards – and all of this in a great new look. Watch for the ANNOUNCEMENT on this shortly.

Extremely Foreword is a truly independent online space – not subject to either partisan myopia or commercial interests. Supported by the independent spirit of our founder and sustained entirely through the generous sponsorship of – we are not allied to or subject to any ideological overlords, nor are we party to any cabal of information control. Nor do we desire entry into any club – our sole constituents being our readers (and ONLY our readers).

Our evolution is ongoing. We cover a wide range of things and we’re building from the ground up – that means we are learning as we go, will make mistakes, and everything we try may not work. But anything new requires experimentation to be successful, and what is abundantly clear is that our readership is growing rapidly.

Thank you – and keep reading 😊