New Dawn, New Day, Feelin Good
27 Mar 2023

Every 24 hours, that little bright yellow smiley face in the sky circles around… sometimes behind clouds, sometimes in full view. Like all patterns or repeated rituals, it becomes easy to Zen out and miss it. The sun rises and sets – another day, another night, nothing new to see here, move along…

Never mind the miracle of it all. Here we are, hurtling through space on a rock ball, a great ball of fire blasting us from the exact distance to provide and enable life and energy, rather than leaving us in the cold or consuming us in flames.

And yet some days really are different.

An experience or event occurs, and even old dogs learn new tricks, or cheese moves, or pigs fly, or the impossible occurs, or events live in infamy, or change a-comes.

Up you look at that horizon, and you know, this cycle – same as all the others – really is a new day.

And it feels good.