Mountains Move
14 Jun 2023

Blocks of stone and earth – hard, solid, immovable. And yet, the wind and the water erodes, the tectonic foundation on which the earth sits shifts and moves, and the winds and waters eventually have the last laugh.

But permanence may not be the point of it all. Sometimes what is short lived has value. Like a mountain range that erupts from the mantle and gets withered away over time, or continents that are born and are reconstituted and disappear beneath the waves, or the ups and downs and twists and turns of a human life.

Temporary beauty, temporary existence, an endless state of transition.

Here the lines in the sky and of the slopes guide my eyes to a focal point of warm cloud – and the water itself is most brilliant.

The land – imposing, powerful, overwhelming and present and real.

Only for a little while, though… only for a little while…