Mind’s Eye Theatre Singles – now available
27 Feb 2024

With the launch of Episode 4 days away, single short story episodes are now available at petervanderwaltshop.com.

You can watch the episodes for free on YouTube – but the Triple Value Single Shot Short Story Packs contain a magazine-like version containing the prose, as well as all the original artworks used in the episode, in both epub and PDF format. You also get an MP3 audio file so you can listen to the stories on your device. There is also a link to the 4K version of episode.

All this for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

The episodes are all collectable.

If you prefer to wait for the full anthology to become available, there will be a hardcover book with all 8 episodes – and 4 additional stories – at petervanderwaltshop.com from 1 November 2024.