Mind’s Eye Theatre Episode 4 Is Up
4 Mar 2024

Special Warning: This episode deals with issues of suicide and abuse and is not suitable for younger viewers or viewers that are particularly sensitive to issues involving mental health and/or depression.

Officer Tyler is ready to call end of watch – having lost everything that ever mattered to him. But on his last shift, a ridealong might change the course of his night, as well as his plans…

Episode 4 in Peter van der Walt’s illustrated short story series, Mind’s Eye Theatre.

Mind’s Eye Theatre – An eclectic collection crossing multiple genres, times and places. Sometimes shocking, sometimes scary, sometimes funny – but always thought-provoking. Dare to send your mind on adventures made for the brave. Leave behind your safe space and your comfort zone because this warlock’s brew of speculative fiction push boundaries as well as buttons. Keep an eye out for November 2024 – when the 8 YouTube Episodes as well as 4 Exclusive stories – will hit the bookshelves in a single volume containing artwork, prose, audio and video. As always – if you are the kind of person who believes in – and require – trigger warnings – this video, this channel, these stories, and this writer is not for you.

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