Method & Technique
23 Oct 2022

Skill guides and how-to-DIY pieces on a variety of crafts – in which I give away trade secrets and experience and knowledge gained over years of painstaking trial and error for FREE – in the hopes that someone out there likes me. In truth, I enjoy sharing what I know, and I don’t find other people doing what they do to be threatening in the least (even if I also do some of the same things). I hope for these to be truly useful to those wanting to develop their skills – and I do so without the incessant annoying ‘like and subscribe my channel’ that befuddles so many would be knowledge imparters, and without trying to sell you anything (a la ‘here’s a teaser article for the full thing buy my course’). A regular feature packed with useful info.

I find that many of the self-appointed gurus out there become experts only in growing their own subscriber base and count and they become effectively expert only in being experts. Instead – this is on the ground know-how from someone who does these things as a dayjob – to other folks of equal intelligence and importance who don’t have time to waste either – and need the information itself – not some ‘influencer’ to faff over.