London Sky
22 Jun 2023

Like a trader from the city hugging a benchmark, like population centres hugging a border, like globules of moisture coalescing on a single line, like a heart staying close to what it knows… or indeed a mind clinging to the concepts it has already grown comfortable with…

We build, the most impressive structures of marble, concrete, brick, steel, wood and glass. With upper floors that offer grandiose views.

And above our highest constructs: the clouds – the ether – our highest aspirations and wildest dreams and most advanced abstractions.

And all these no more than little huggers, sticking close to the shell of a single planet, no more than little blips on a single surface.

Given that – what conceit is nihilism. How childish is pessimism. How infantile is hopelessness. How petty doomsday declarations.

We haven’t even gotten started.