Little Bits Of Magic
13 Feb 2024

I’m a hard man. Not like that, you sluts. I just mean, I’m, tough. Maybe not as tough as I look, maybe half of it is bravado, maybe most of it is an act. But even in the event that most of it is put on, I’m a hard man. Desensitized. Take it on the chin. A kind of low-grade and lower-class Hemingway machismo.

I don’t like fluffy stuff. I don’t like strategic weakness. Weaponized empathy. Any of that passive aggressive shit.

But as rough and Marlboro as I may be, I like small little surprises.

I like dainty little flowers that show their colours in the wind. I like cute kids feeding ducks and exploring the world around them. And I absolutely love little magic sprinkles of fairy dust – not everywhere, not all the time, not politically – but just incidentally.

I don’t know why this painting is where it is – at the edge of a garden and a park. I imagine it has something to do with daddies and their daughters, moms and their kids. But I love that its there. And I want them to enjoy the magic, and know that they are safe, they can be, they can live free, they can have their wings.

As long as men like me hold that line for them.