Little Big Street
21 Feb 2023

Not the big box mall on the side of town, connected with congested concrete arteries. Not the rivers of people streaming bidirectionally in the shadows of modernist towers. Not the mall or the even the historic district. But the humble high street where you make your stop to pick up a few things, or have your hair cut, or collect your meds or your bifocals, your dry cleaned tux or your fresh loaf of bread.

It is sleepy and quiet for the most part, but it never loses its buzz. And while margins squeeze and taxes bite and the anticlimax of broken political promises make reality daunting – these shopkeepers know your name, ask how you’ve been, and plays along when all you have is a platitude about the weather.

It is the little big street and there is one in every town. And a stroll here at once gives you a distinctive sense of place and the feeling of connectedness.