Lines, Curves and Angles
7 May 2024

I looked at the composition, wondering how to frame it – me, someone totally in love with older buildings and historical styles.

Here I was confronted by total, shameless modernism…

But I could not deny there was a beauty.

The interplay of lines and rectangles, the simplistic form, the stark contrast with the sky… to see such brutalism reveal its own beauty was like listening to a beautiful poem in a foreign language… a style outside anything I knew or appreciated in full, glorious, revelational display.

I will capture the moment, and take in the lesson.

It has beauty, yes. Genius, even. Not my own tradition, and I like that far more, but worthy of its own existence, and to be taken on its own terms.

Ultimately, however… I can say that modernism is capable of building beautiful buildings, but not beautiful cities.

And a little goes a long way.