Keyboard Ninja
24 Jun 2023

If you ever receive unhelpful, mean-spirited, snide criticism – check it out – it will ALWAYS be from someone who has done less, with less talent, less of a track record, less intelligence, less success.

Generals don’t throw their weight around. They are positive, or constructive – or they keep silent. Corporals – on the other hand – want everyone to know how fantastically powerful and important they are.

The lower folks are, the louder they get.

Rich folks don’t talk money; honest folks don’t say trust me; people of hard experience don’t emotionalize; the virtuous don’t talk they do; the kind simply are they don’t lecture; the secure don’t posture.

Whenever someone tries to get you down, to put something down, have a look. You don’t have to take my word for it – test the theory. Go check them out – and you will see they are lesser.

This is particularly important in an era of trolling.

Some newbie publishes a bad book. It’s not Stephen King that says YOU SUCK IDIOT! It’s some piece of shit nobody who’s never finished a draft.

Some kid makes a zero budget movie, it aint Spielberg that goes: Ooh, this sucks. It’s some anonymous keyboard warrior with nothing to show, engaging negatively with something that is a target simply because it exists – unlike the grandiose future genius we’d all be treated to once they can move from their mothers’ basements.

No matter what you do: Make a meal, build a building, create a business, do some art – do anything of value –

and invariably some lesser dreg will try to get attention by ‘punching up’.

Now in my own case, the hide was thickened properly. By rights I shouldn’t have made it past 20 – so I’m still numb and doing a Bambi in the headlights routine, because I can’t believe my shiny happy fucking luck.

However – when I see all kinds of substandard sociopaths dish it out liberally to those brave few trying something, I will confess that, occasionally, I get the urge to punch down. Hard.

Anyway… if you are out there doing your thing, and someone comes and pisses all over that, or tries to, remember to check their pedigree. Once you see them for what they are, you should find it easier to place them in their correct trash can.