15 Jan 2024

I am ‘just’ an unimportant thing, one among billions. But care and craft turn me into something to see. Not just a cover like any other, but something magical and beautiful. Even if I am not framed, and some walk right by without taking notice – those that do stop and see are the exact types whose company I care for. All it takes is never to be just. Never just the bare minimum. Never just good enough. Because here is a drain cover in a street as individually beautiful as any cathedral roof, as any study in pencil or oil, as any work moulded in bronze or in clay. And it is just a drain cover. But someone, who made it, was not ashamed of it. To them it was to be something special. And now – for over a century at least – a million feet stopped – just surprised, just delighted, just amused, just impressed, just entertained, just transported, just intrigued, just mesmerised.

Best get to work.

It’s just a Monday.