Infinity Tree
9 Jan 2023

Whenever we think of other dimensions, other realities, worlds within worlds, crossing between parallel universes, we tend to have high tech images in mind. Maybe it is because of movies like ‘The Matrix’ – or generations of science fiction. Before we had all kinds of machines and robots and lightning-coloured VFX or green binary code – we had nature. In the old Nature-based religions, there were often rocks, fountains, ponds, rivers, streams, or trees – regarded as sacred. Take this tree. It just stands there, in a big park, in a relatively big urban centre somewhere. You can – and many do – walk past it every day without paying attention to it. But this is the tree as it stands there – there is no lens trickery or camera effects. It really looks like this. And does it not look magical? A carbon copy of colliding spiral-armed galaxies… a dancer between the worlds of the living in the dead… a traveller between different states of existence… a piercing sojourner that moves between the nodes of the multiverse?
Or maybe my lunch was a little too strong…