House By The River
10 Aug 2023

In a clearing in a wilderness of ancient woods, next to the river, a house. Built sturdy with stone. It has a garden and it has a view, and it looks so perfect sitting there. It stands very much alone, there are no other houses around – it is a retreat. I love the little zig zag corners, and the stones, and the little windows. What a perfect little piece of peace.

Further along this very river there are more houses on the water’s edge, and grand buildings too. But this particular house has all the charm.

Only thing…

It’s quiet out there. Really, really quiet. The kind of peaceful that some men can’t take. You’ll need to be at peace in your soul if you decide to live out there – or whatever haunts you might manifest there, and drive you mad.

But those who have won their battles, and have reached a point, they might find no better place.

Same canvas, two painters.

Oh… that may be one and not the other.