Hearts That Beat In Skins Of Stone
3 Nov 2022

The great masters of sculpture can capture softness in marble and gentleness in stone. There are far too many who wear weakness as an accessory that gives them access to the right clubs – and far too few who can sculpt out of the hardness and harshness of the world something of beauty. There is talent involved – what you are born with – and skill – that which you pick up deliberately. But the most beautiful and enduring lives – like the most beautiful and enduring works of art – also require effort and persistence on top of the merely God-given, and the impressive crafting. It takes regular effort – early and often – to create a masterpiece. Whether you sculpt in flesh – building that body in the gym, with the right reps and sets and the right macros from the kitchen at the right time – or working at becoming a better spouse… All things that matter require effort. And while those angels whose hearts beat strongly in skins of stone make it look easy – it is difficult to be strong enough to feel in this world.