Great Views
4 Jul 2024

For a blocked up view, you sure can see a lot… you can picture the pudgy, potbellied lazy contractor and his half assed crew pulling away from the site with a fresh cheque in hand, for example.

Now that it exists, it might as well be a photo-op for an Extremely Foreword SnapShot. Why not, it sure has the irony of a modern art piece, although reality is a better artist than the latest angsty existentialist paraded around in galleries.

Solitary is punishment, they say. Even the toughest prisoners can’t handle being left alone. Social isolation is often used as a terrifier, inside and outside His Majesty’s Penitentiary walls.

Then again, if you go to the Free regions on the outskirts of Tibet, some monks still have themselves built into rooms, with even the doorways sealed up by bricks. A small slit is left open, from where food is passed in and waste is passed out… but for the monks the solitary confinement isn’t punishment but spiritual practice.

Come to think of it, what can be limiting to the one can be liberating to the other. What completely sabotages the prisoner, enables the contemplator.

Stare at it long enough, and a window without a view forces you to see yourself – or more accurately what is carried within yourself.

And you may – or may not – like the view.