12 Jun 2023

When a halo of light comes down to bless a place, to kiss a city, to pour out abundance, and healing, and joy, and forgiveness… it could be an entirely natural phenomenon. Unless stated on rare occasions, none of the pictures in my SnapShots use any filters or effects. They are quite literally snapshots – casual pics, taken on the phone.
I do it to capture some of what I see, or at least try to, because the world strikes me as an immensely beautiful place.

I find comfort in the world and its beauty – churches, politicians, ideologies have all done nothing but break my heart.
So as I go about my business I simply keep myself aware to all the magic that exists around us.

Every now and then, special magic happens.
Like God’s Grace pouring forth on a city… like a picture perfect postcard… like a motivational poster… or a jacket cover or a work of art… magical coincidence.

Oh Peter, you might say… These are just some rays shining through clouds.

To which I would say, yes, precisely…