Good Fences
12 Mar 2024

Three candelabra frame a Star of David – or is it just a fence, in a park? The geometry of the universe is prone to significance as much as coincidence, and what can be casually dismissed by one mind can be pondered by another. Here is nature – the original temple – a pretty sight – but unthinking.

It does not make stuff up to give itself meaning, like the petulant postmodernists. It simply is, it exists, it makes no pretences nor does it attempt to be anything but what it is. And yet to the searching eye, symbolism abundantly shows up in everything and everywhere. An accident? A simple phenomenon caused by obedience to rules?

Or perhaps there is a deeper truth, a higher plane, a lasting realm, a beauty everlasting and love that eternally glows – underlying or intertwined with everything.

All is subjective, perhaps… but based on what is objectively there.