28 Jun 2024

Post the first (possibly only) US Presidential Debate, three unsolicited external observations can be offered, in case anyone is detached enough to consider them and perhaps adjust rather than eternally doubling down. One Bad – but not as bad as it looks – one Really Good – although it barely registered – and one ugly truth that has the potential to make the world a more beautiful place.

The Bad – Disaster?

The left’s in full meltdown (with Joy Reid claiming to be an insider to the Obamas and the World all melting down around her mobile phone as contacting her is more important than the sideshow of the debate itself, and CNN leading with quotes like Dems: “We’re F*$ked”) and the right is rolling in ecstatic “told you so”, “that’s just cruel” delight… but the debate wasn’t as bad as it looked.

I don’t buy that there are ‘undecided’ voters. Not the way the rhetoric has been turned up on this bitch for years now. I don’t think anyone who was a Biden voter would switch to Trump after last night, and I don’t think anyone who was a Trump voter would vote for Biden. I think the votes are exactly the same at the end than they were at the beginning. Any actual undecided individuals – if they in fact exist – would not be swayed by what transpired last night either because we’ve neither seen nor heard anything new. If I’m wrong correct me by letting me know what you know now that you didn’t know before.

The business of government – the only thing it actually produces – is legislation. Legislation is boring, drawn out, full of compromise and trade- offs, slow moving. The business of politics is optics. Showmanship, slogan chanting, looking all smooth and being a good speaker. The only way to get into the business of government is to be good at its opposite, the business of showmanship.

On some level folks know that and one bad performance is not the end of the world, nor does it achieve or undo anything. What is being touted as a disaster for the Democrats is, in my guestimation, a mere blip.

The good – barely registered

The biggest threat to the Democratic Party isn’t Republican. Right wing religious nuts who hate diversity, gays and the planet will never vote blue, you can’t convince those folks and you never will. It’s a waste of time and resources to even try. The biggest threat to the Democratic Party is its own far left – hysterical leftists denouncing the existence of America and demanding reparations as they burn down cities and enforce speech codes and diversity quotas during drag queen story hour. That wing of the party does, have and will drive reasonable people away to the other side. For the Democratic Party to be viable it can’t think of Hollywood and Media Gatekeepers as their core constituency and they have to start caring about – as painful as it is – heterosexuals and non-militant fags who want to live and let live, and want to take care of their families, not atone for their innate characteristics or histories that compare – objectively – rather favourably with the most vocal of minority detractors. The defeat of that gargantuan piece of shit Jamaal Bowman, despite the unhinged cheerleading of the braindead bimbo AOC from New York, is actually the kind of good news that can save the democrats from themselves. This might be a tough pill to swallow, but your enemies delight in you not taking your meds – and I personally couldn’t give less of a hoot whether you do or don’t – so fail to complete correcting your course at your own peril.

The Ugly Truth With Beautiful Consequences

Hyperbole is on the way out. Trump making statements that he, or this and that, is the greatest and best, and everyone and everything else, is the worst ever, are now taken with yawns by the longsuffering public. Likewise, dishonest bullshit like “fine people on both sides” – and the media that spread that – is no longer automatically believed by any decent, rational individuals. People aren’t stupid, even if they are on your side.

Perhaps the surest sign that the extremist language no longer flies is the horrible debate performance itself.

If the powerful forces of the American Left truly believed that this election was a one last chance to stand against ‘’fascism’’ and that losing it would result in all the gays being castrated and forced to wear gray, all the girls being put in Handmaiden dresses and forced to carry mongrels to term, all people of melanin being hounded across the plains by hordes of privileged Cis-klansmen – the way they very much have been talking for a while now – then they would have put a serious candidate in place and they would have made an actual effort to win.

They fact that they haven’t shows they don’t believe their own BS.

Which means everyone can maybe tone it down a little and stop pretending that Armageddon is upon us.

Vote the way you want to – you were going to anyway. Just stop pretending there’s something uniquely special about you by turning the here and now into an epic battle on the scale of Lord of the Rings so you can have something to feel you have endured.

It’s an election. It’s real, it matters and it is important. Just that though. No less, but sure as hell no more.