Fortress On Green
24 Oct 2023

The world is the way it is – not the way it should be. Begin there.

Goodwill and tolerance are not universal virtues. Freedom, beauty, peace – these are not inevitable. Do not let it slip away or worse – give it up.

For the integrity of the terrain you love, for the land to be beautiful, for the interior to be safe, for the soul to remain in tact – you might have to build a fortress.

So do not bemoan that fact, or ignore the truth of that.

But get to work.

And build a fortress.

Build a beautiful, glorious and vast one.

Build fantastic walls that can shrug off cannon-fire. Build battlements from where you can sting if they insist to come at you. If that is what it takes, if that is all they hear…

But build also a strong door that you can open to those who should be let in.

And tall windows from where you can look out at the world so you do not miss its beauty and lose the point of guarding in the first place.

And make the fortress beautiful inside, with ornate details and design that stimulates. Because the war will last your lifetime, let your life then make the best of war.

And build that fortress if you have to.

Build a mighty fortress that won’t fall – if you want to stand.