22 Nov 2023

No big roads nearby. Nowhere to fly into. A single lane single road takes you somewhere you either really want to go or won’t be on. And then hills and valleys makes the slog harder for good measure. Hedges and clusters of trees means you won’t even see it, except if you pay attention at specific windows – which show the glorious green of in-between.

You turn off – only if you know where – and then a row of trees swallow your car and you vanish into the cluster of cover.

Once within, you are there: at the farm. The stone grey buildings, the wrought-iron gates, ancient wood polished to last eternity and big glass windows to take advantage of the sun.

Inside the smell of rosemary and thyme on roast, fresh baked bread and red wine. And the laughter of real friends is the music which greets you at the door.

They know nothing that dwell outside…