Family Photo
15 May 2024

From the medieval to the futuristic – and yet – in harmony with itself. I mean, I can imagine some friction and some skirmishes as personalities clash. One being mean to the other. Some not sharing. Like siblings at each other’s throats. But then mah and pah get them all together, dressed up in their Sunday best to pose for the photographer – and somehow – with all the different styles and fashions and unique identities and intricate personal stories – there is an undeniable sense of togetherness. The family Manchester… England’s retort to the Big Apple (and a lot cleaner too) – with a sense of Gotham running through the bloodline. It’s put together from all kinds of eclectic all-over… and yet, somehow, it works. It works together, as a unit.

That makes me think of my own family… nothing that could reasonably be called a unit… comprising factions and schisms that have nothing in common each to the other except that they are related to me, if not each other (it’s complicated… my nuclear family is a dirty bomb)…

But there they are… the venerated edifice of those who have already passed… the vibrancy, and strong personalities, of us four remaining siblings… absentee landlords whose marks linger more than loom… parents whose lineage run in lines and curves… distant kin serving as ornamental flourishes.

And room to build whatever willpower and necessity decrees.