Extremely Foreword – The Podcast Edition
17 Jan 2023

And we’ve gone live. The Extremely Foreword Podcast Edition is a monthly collection of all original comedic sketches, laid back and easy listening music, flash fiction, short stories, and a curated selection of the best of the Extremely Foreword blog – delivered directly by author and storyteller Peter van der Walt. Longer format, the tone is conversational but it is neither an endless loop social ‘discourse’ interview-style show, nor a boring, predictable, suitably pretentious political rant. Broadcast from the UK Westcountry and occasionally also from the open road. Produced by RPL (UK) & Privateer Media.

Episode 1 is up and ready – currently only on Spotify – but we’re slowly getting around to having other platforms ready as well.

The inaugural (there’s that word again) episode of The Extremely Foreword Podcast Edition features the world’s absolute worst sponsor, Here Lies The MiddleThe Photograph, the Cardfather, Lord Jeremy Alston-Wright MBE and a fair amount of potentially damaging micro-aggressions. Music featured in this episode includes A Little Bit Of Faith by Malena Stark feat. Mia Niles, The Sun Will Shine by The Eastern Plain and Little By Little, by Layn feat. Zandra Ernebro. Produced and engineered by Sanne Dijkstra.

You can find all ongoing developments and episodes of the podcast, as they will become available, at https://petervanderwalt.com/podcast/