Extremely Foreword: The Column
23 Oct 2022

Extremely Foreword – The Column is Peter van der Walt’s a monthly payload of meltdowns, malign musings and curmudgeon commentary. A thinly veiled passive-aggressive innuendo aimed at some unnamed transgressor that’s been annoying him mightily over the last month (probably you, yes, you personally) – the column considers family, relationships, life, love, kindness, friendship and empathy and asks: is all the pain and suffering really worth it? No turn is left unstoned as Pete purple pills the hell out of the red and blue jellybeans of public discourse – and delivers his bitter judgement on life. It’s not that he’s angry with anyone. He’s just really disappointed.

The first edition of Extremely Foreword -The Column hits the web on Wednesday 2 November 2022. Consider this a final, blanket, comprehensive, all-inclusive trigger warning.