Extremely Foreword: Losing The Plot
28 Apr 2023

Horror plot idea:

An evil, deformed, homicidal creature – but basically decent and minding his own business – lives on his own without disturbing anyone… until a group of teenagers arrive to upset his peace. They subject the poor creature to a litany of cliches and stereotypical one-liners, while also being overly festive with inexplicable ‘party animal’ behaviour, no doubt based on some boomer screenhack’s idea of what it’s like being a teenager in today’s world. The teens show enough skin to keep lecherous audiences watching, behave in ways contrary to basic intelligence, logic and self- preservation, and take all the predictable actions that would lead them to be killed by our protagonist – each time which we cheer – including, but not limited to, getting scared by a cat that for some reason jumps out randomly for no reason from behind a corner.

Another plot idea:

Do a movie about a virus – because Covid is so fresh on everyone’s mind and, what the hell, it’s worked the previous 5000 times. Also, force-feed popular themes into the flick – like how it’s all the fault of mankind destroying the natural environment of the planet, because simply regurgitating talking points like this is more important than actually knowing what you are talking about, really affecting serious change or being anything useful at all – as it is more than enough to simply broadcast inane platitudes supposed to showcase one’s virtue. Lecture the audience too… those lazy bastards won’t have any morals if it wasn’t for the movies.

Last plot idea:

Consolidate all power for the entertainment industry into a few corporate megaliths, a set of wholly owned websites pretending to supply independent ratings, a handful of ideologized columnists at a dozen approved-opinion outlet publishing entities and a production system favouring incumbents and endless sequels – and convince audiences and other producers they have no choice. Actually spread the idea that ‘all stories have already been told’ because similar elements and structures exist universally (kinda like saying you can’t make a new dish because you can’t have new ingredients). Then pretend that your industry is the aesthetic, moral and artistic elite – and brutally sideline anyone unwilling to go along.

Sometimes, the best thing to do with plots is to lose them.