Existential Chair
14 Jul 2023

Perhaps some drunk just flung it over the wall. Perhaps it was some drug-fuelled mission. Perhaps mere antisocial behaviour by some teen.

But when and as I found it – it struck me as at least as artistic as some of what passes for modern art in some of the top galleries.

Existential Chair – I decided to call it. One of those brilliantly meaningful expressions, rendered so genius by the fact that no one can actually understand it – not with a straight face.

And yet, perched on its rock, Existential Chair seems to be a message of some sort, as well as a just some statement.

Everyman is an island unto himself insofar as he has gone through the trouble of preparing a seat for himself on said island?

Commentary on the increasing isolation within the connectedness of modern life?

A view without a room?

Who knows?

I don’t.

And that drunk teenager who put the chair there knew none of us would know, and so he placed it there to make us puzzle and feel confounded.

Perhaps he just thought he was being funny.

But now I find myself plunged into introspeculation, which reverberates in my skull and speaks in a distinctive French accent as it draws deeply on a cigarette: “What is the meaning of this? What is the meaning of anything, really?”