Eternal Election Update: The Coming Reckoning
31 May 2024

Only those with short memories or inadequate historical education believe America is ‘more divided than ever’. It’s not. In July 1804 the third Vice President settled his feud with the former Secretary of the Treasury by shooting him in a duel. The Election of 1800 is a case study in post-electoral mudslinging, the oversimplified but not entirely inaccurate version being that Jefferson decertified what he didn’t like. And there was substantial vitriol aimed at and from Carter, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, W Bush, not to mention others – that only the convenient self-placating tint of rose-coloured nostalgia glasses can forget. Not to mention that every candidate and every elected incumbent since Roosevelt and Truman were ‘literally Hitler’ (we’ve got pics of each of them portrayed as such to prove it).

America has always been – politically – a bi-polar teenager far too hyperbolic for its own good. And yet the country is what it is because it functions best despite its politics, not because of it.

However, it is true that America is divided.

Not end of the world, democracy is at stake, this is the last election ever shit. That’s – by now – run of the mill, garden variety, common hyperbole.

Despite what you hear on the fringe or mainstream opinion shock jock shows of your choice – it is nowhere near a Civil War, and the United States of America will survive this election, and whichever shitty president comes next, like it has all past circus elections, and all previous clown show presidencies.

What is new is a kind of egotistical masturbation – where folks believe they are rendered superior to others by virtue of their empathy or intellects. You see this in slightly ill-raised children, most grow out of it, it is part of the maturing of the nation and the rest of us can at this stage assume they might grow out of it.

Donald Trump has been convicted on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in his criminal trial in New York.

Reaction is most extreme – and inaccurate and eventually suitably embarrassing – at the poles.

Anyone who celebrates this as a victory is yet to demonstrate what it achieves – because he can still run. Anyone who denounces it as a political show-trial must still then contend with the fact that it follows American Jurisprudence is totally compromised.

The left celebrates and the right is angered – and the verdict here is not a news event but one of several, and ongoing, leadups to the actual event – which will be the Election of 2024 – and only that.

The outcome of that election is one of two names in the White House (provided Biden isn’t replaced in a desperate 11th hour internal Democratic play). Either the Dems or the Republicans will be in power. The victors would have proven a point – and we would all learn the lessons along with them and be more educated when that happens (before the fact we’re no better than carnival psychics and our opinions count for as much).

The big question is what the losers will do.

Because the real reckoning will be internal.

If Trump is in the White House, the Democrats will have to concede to themselves that they have opened the door to political lawfare, ‘’convicting a former president and current candidate by a jury of his political opponents, during an election year, based on a novel legal theory, where the alleged crime was never explained and without requiring the jury to even reach a unanimous conclusion about it’’. Even for New York that’s pretty low. And the party will have to face up to this, understand that there is something wrong with their message, seriously reflect and adjust its future behaviour because its been high on its own supply of agitprop instead of delivering for the people.

If Biden is in the White House, the Republicans will have to concede to themselves that the ‘screw you’ vote never was a viable base, that eventually the public’s patience with the ‘bull-in-china-shop’ tactics of a bully with low character – and his army of enablers and yes-men – runs out – and that the party desperately needs to change and find a message positive enough for people to resonate with and not just oppose rampant wokery.

One of these two events will occur, and the aftermath will necessarily be the case.

But I am not sure the phase will have passed. And my fear is that, rather than any Party taking the correct lesson from the outcomes of the election, they will instead do what is more popular recently…

Simply double down and pretend – having lost the vote (and the only thing that actually matters – not courts, not journalist writeups and sure as fuck not late night talk shows) – that all is well at home and it is the other guys who are somehow still the assholes.