England In Winter
13 Feb 2023

I love the mist and rain; I find inspiration in cooler weather; I am partial to the winter sun; I love the green rolling hills and the streams and bogs. People moan and complain about it – locals and foreigners – but I actually chose England partially because of the weather. The thing is, people also pretend that England in Winter is a set for a Gothic Horror Film.

Well, this picture was taken around the corner from me, on Saturday last week, and it shows me England In Winter better than the tired old declarations I always hear.

Bubbles and myself went for a walk, watched the surfers, the dogs playing, some birds of prey nesting in the cliffs. The place was clean, and safe, and the sun kissed gently, and the wind was still, and the water brilliant.

And whenever someone starts about “English weather” or “grim winters”… I think of this.