29 Mar 2024

Christianity – one faith among many – is at least as deserving of respect as any other. The world’s most persecuted religion (with hundreds of Nigerian Christians taken and killed recently without as much as even a hint of protest from street protestors or the United Nations) – Christianity may have its historical and contemporary sins. Any institution and movement that is older than a thousand years is bound to. Nevertheless, its message in theory, if not in practice always, is one of liberation, hope and individual freedom.

Whereas secularism has grown in recent years, and alternative postmodern interpretations have recast Christianity and indeed the figure of Jesus Himself as some sort of Karl Marx in a robe – a historically and factually inaccurate view of doctrine, epistemology and theology – the artistic, social and philosophic inheritance of the faith persists.

There may indeed, come a day that a resurgence is necessary – or even, given the behaviour of certain other religious communities in recent decades – inevitable.

May it be the dove and not the sword that defines the spiritual lives of humanity. Forgiveness and not condemnation. Resurrection and not death. Hope, not fear. Peace, not power.

But not at any cost.