Dream With A View
7 Mar 2024

It is entirely okay, I have decided, to have your head in the clouds – provided you climbed a lot of steps to get up there. This tower looks in every direction over a landscape that stretches for miles… where the windows are now used to be cannons, each fireplace to the left used to light the fuse that would send searing hot warm welcomes to whoever dared get this far.

The Estate itself is on a high point, with a commanding view of the surrounding countryside and ocean.

At the highest point of the Estate, a Keep.

Enter the several layers of boundary walls and iron gates, and start taking the stairs up. Up and up and up – a narrow, stone, circular staircase carries you all the way to the very apex – a room that was once the last to have a roof and that was full of cannonballs and soldiers not posted on the open air outlook one level above.

Here, when you’ve worked for it, you see the clouds for what they are.

You realize the cost of defending dreams, understand the work involved in erecting and protecting visions, however modest or grand.

Today, a beautiful interior. Shaker-Medieval Chic, perhaps. Clean lines and perfect angles of stone and wood – and a place that allows the imagination to conjure merry festivities or cosy dinners.

But there, in the reality of history, only a few years behind the shadows in the corners, the smell of cannonfire, rifles, sweat and fear. That’s what it costs to build things. That’s why they don’t build things anymore.