Dark Places
2 Apr 2024

Straight out of a horror movie… because it’s dark, dirty and old. Dark is just the absence of light; dirt just matter in the wrong place; old just experienced; but add a tune and the myth of a drowned little girl haunting the mist at night and even the guy making the myth won’t go down there alone after the sun goes down.

Suspense and fear are interesting emotions. In entertainment they are highly sought after – but to actually induce them is a rare art. Kids love horror movies. More often than not, the attempts to make us afraid end up comical. Really good horror movies are rare – and they are harder to do than the industry believes. It’s harder than ever to scare today’s sophisticated, desensitized, cynical audiences.

Again, I’m not ashamed that I work in the medium. Horror has a conservative world view – there are undeniably bad guys – and the side of the good guys is clear even if the good guys themselves fall short of standards. It is about good versus evil on a fundamental level.

It’s also a visceral ride. Romance can make you feel a warm and fuzzy hope, but its vague. Comedy might relax and delight, but there’s standup and a lot of other potential avenues to get your fix. Action movies can get you excited or make you go wow (less than their directors seem to think, this too, is not a game as easy as it looks). Sci-fi executed well can make you think far more deeply than you ever would have had cause to otherwise and enjoy the sheer wonder of speculation.

But to pull the covers up over your eyes and grip your partner’s hand as you sit there, scared shitless… well, that is one of the great powers of art itself. And a ride worth taking – if you can find one worth the ticket price.

When you turn out the light tonight, and you close your eyes, remember our little girl. Listen closely to the sounds in your house then, because she might be there, walking around, looking for revenge.