Cosmopolitan Contrasts: A Portrait Of Manchester
6 Dec 2022

Some casual footage and pics from Manchester – revealing a city rich in contrasts, quirks, interesting people, design treasures, history and art. Taken December 2022.

On formal shoots, there is always a plan. The best way to explore a new city, however, is to go in without a plan or preconceptions. To simply walk the streets and let the city show you and tell you what it is – to reveal its character without preconceived notions, tripadvisor reviews or the (usual) famous sites.

Manchester has all the sophistication of New York – only it is cleaner, and there is an optimism in the air that no longer exists in the Big Apple. The city is always on the move, refuses to be boxed in or typecast and surprises with its friendliness.

It is particularly good at letting the old and the new blend together well. For big city cosmopolitan charm and contrasts that can inspire, there’s perhaps no better place in the world right now.