26 Jun 2023

Here it is: grass growing on a busy rail…

Platonic duality – like ideals – naïve assertions incapable of expressing the fulness of reality, and thus unfit for use.

On the one hand – they tell you – nature, on the other, man. The park – they say – is the polar opposite of the city.

It is true that man affects the planet, and not always positively. But the hysteria-tinged anti-human religion of Gaia – the self flagellation and the incessant prostrations of contrition in front of enraged Mother Goddess – contains at least as much bullshit as any other religion – if not more.

It is more true to understand that man – with all his follies and all his crimes – and in his full complexity – is part of nature; erupts forth from nature; and regardless of all abstractions inevitably lives within it.

The park and the city are not two things, but the same. A city is a garden – or can be. Hope, progress and a future exists not in spaces that are neatly divided into false dichotomies – but in that space where the opposites merge; where conflicts and contradictions converge; where all that is flows together into singular objective fact.

We can do better, we can be better. We ought to. But we are not alien to this world. We are not invaders. The world that has cradled us will not exile us now that we have grown.

Singular tracks of thought invariably lead to tired places.

And grass can grow on busy lines – in fact – should…

Ps – ”man” is used here in the classical sense, denoting a species. If you are damaged by the use of language, retreat to the safety of disengagement and surround yourself with your own religion only. No one was hurt – or could possibly reasonably have been – in the making of this post. Grow up.