18 Jun 2024

From chaos it all arose… primordial biological ooze, branching over time into differentiated species. From untamed nature came the apes, from wild apes came those who used tools, from those primitive rocks and sticks came the fine instruments and the electron microscope. But the tools take time, and each successive advance requires the step before to be refined. And in time… yes, in time… the chaos swallows it all back up. The walls work. The buildings matter. The windows are pretty and the doors are solid. But just for so long… just for so long… just if they are maintained… just if effort is taken to keep the wild away, to keep the chaos at bay. It’s not permanent but it matters, while we are here, perhaps once we’ve left if others care to maintain as well. The landscape will claim it all back, in time, in time. Look to the work, assess the toil, weigh the worth of the efforts… and knowing that in time the weeds and the woods will have the last say… ask: For now, for me, for today – do I want to continue?