Coming 5 July: The Magic Hour
7 Jun 2024

On Friday 5 July, The Magic Hour brings the total number of Mind’s Eye Theatre episodes on YouTube to six. The collection of dark and disturbing tales from Peter van der Walt has been appearing on YouTube as illustrated short stories. The full collection of stories – with all 8 YouTube episodes plus an additional four available nowhere else – will be available in a special hardcover collection in November. The hardcover book will contain the 12 short stories, links and downloads of ad free audio, 4K video, ePub and PDF formats – as well as special colour pages featuring the best illustrations from the first season.

With only 3 more episodes to go in total, the first season of Mind’s Eye Theatre is now over halfway done. When the floods begin to recede in New Orleans, police discover the lair of a ritual killer in an abandoned house. The killer is nowhere to be found, but it is clear from the scene that his victims suffered terribly. When a crime scene cleaner clears up the site, bad mojo follows…

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