Choose Your Own Adventure
27 Mar 2024

We make our own fortunes, some say, others preach predestination. Some say all is will alone, others speak of circumstance. Nature and nurture, genetic memory, forces and principalities, stimuli and influences, systemic injustice and intergenerational guilt.

Perhaps they are all right.

The river of fate flows like a force of nature in a determined direction, unstopping and unstoppable. It carves itself ever deeper into the landscape with every kiloton of water that it transports to the ever ravenous sea. This is undeniable.

Also true is that only fallen logs and dead fish go with the flow…

The salmon swim upstream. The beavers burrow and build at a specific point in the stream. The humans can swim or row or climb out – they can not change the river’s course or erase it from the landscape – but nor can the river force them to be part of its course.

There are things we have to live with, perhaps, but not things we have to live in. At times we may drift to see where it takes us… but it is not clear even where the flow goes. We might have to fight the rapids just around the bend, surprised at the sheer variety of landscapes we will pass even if we do not resist the current.

And never underestimate the power of canoeing to the side, making a fire, cooking a fish, having a rest – before leaving the area completely, trekking overland into places yet unseen.