Casting Call
27 Jan 2023

Peter van der Walt’s short, atmospheric horror film begins principal photography in Plymouth, Devon in March 2023.



Can you cry well? How about scream and beg? Can you pull of realistically begging for mercy, or your life? Are you not squeamish? If you are a late high school – college age actor who can REALLY sell being in this kind of trouble, we need you.

We also need additional Extras with some serious presence:

1X work-hard-take-no-nonsense construction foreman,

1X couldn’t be bothered to look up from my magazine convenience store cashier,

3X bully schoolboys with untucked shirts looking to intimidate members of the public with antisocial behaviour.

While this is a short film and not spectacularly well-funded, work is done on a 4C basis (Copy of film, Credit on the film and posters, Chow on set with the best pizza in town and Cash – paying solid day rates). You will also be invited to the screening.

Expect to work with a small, but crack crew in a fairly fast-paced and intense environment – this story is dark AF with mature themes – but with nice peeps. Also, we never hurt actors and treat everyone humanely (except for our characters, who get offed before they complain about health and safety 😜)

Send your CV, headshots, showreel and/or video audition to or to request more information.