2 Jul 2024

A row of summer wildflowers grow and brings a smile to what would otherwise be a serious wall – like a brutish bodybuilder cracking a boyish smile. A little tuft on one side, but otherwise a buzzcut of hair, giving the wall a completely different feel than it otherwise would have had. It’s not a scientific measurement, more of a guestimate… but that row of life at the top is, what, 5% of the entire picture? 1%? Most certainly a minority – by a large margin too. The wall sits there, a squatting edifice, unmovable, dominant. But the whole vibe of the photo comes from that flourish at the top. That minority lifts the whole thing.

Which makes me think you don’t need a lot to change things, improve yourself, change your fate, or make the world a better place. Just add that exuberant 1-5% on top, and you’ll be well on your way.