Brown And Blue
25 Mar 2024

Storms and tides carry river water into the sea, turning the Sound brown. Above, clouds darken to a heavily pregnant brown – ready to unleash more rain upon the water. And in the middle, a sliver of blues. It is as if the sea has been transplanted into the sky, and the sky was captured in the ocean.

How neatly we separate things. River and Sea – two distinct concepts, like sky and surface.

But the words, definitions and concepts are pointers to reality, not reality itself.

Because in truth the river flows in to the sea, and the sea is taken deep inland by the river. And the sky and surface reverse.

And I do not stand apart, a witness with a vantage point, but become linked inextricably with that which I observe. I do not watch the landscape… I am the landscape. And the churns and flows and chaos of it all ripple through me as it does the terrain around me.

Like the world, I am not the category you’ve assigned me to.