Break Time. Merry Christmas Everyone!
8 Dec 2023

We made it. Barely. But we did. I am exhausted, and everyone on the team is too – we all deserve a long break. As all the other people and brands you know kick into overdrive to sell you stuff, I myself, RPL, Privateer Media, Extremely Foreword and the Shop shuts down to give family and friends time a bit of space to breathe, and room to move.

There will be sporadic posts until we resume the full schedule (an even fuller one, to be honest) next year. These posts will include some from new team members as we get ready to expand Extremely Foreword and switch over to an exciting, brand new format.

So while the work continues – always – I get to have a bit of a rest.

We tell stories, that’s our gig. We believe the stories are more important than us. We work with anyone, and in our daily work we try hard to maintain secular human values. Our smallprint talks about the ethical principles which guide our business behaviour – but as brands and entities we do not, as a rule, leave our lane to pontificate to others what justice is. Hollywood and braindead keyboard warriors do enough of that.

We are happy to wish everyone Eid Mubarak or Happy Hanukkah, with a deep respect and love for all the variety that makes humanity fascinating and beautiful.

Once a year, at the end, I also express my own prayers – and I am not ashamed of them.

Feel free to stop reading if your religion differs – see you next year.

As for me and my house…

This year, we hope you have a lot of joy and love. We pray for a swift victory for the IDF so that there may be a real and sustainable peace, without parasitic international organisations or corrupt leaders using ordinary people as pawns. We hope for sovereignty, freedom and peace in Ukraine, Taiwan, Guyana. We hope – as always – for a colourblind, meritocratic free market future – in which individual liberties, freedom of thought and expression and equal opportunities to all are protected.

We pray that tyrannical political philosophies – like communism, fundamentalism and theocracy – vanish from the earth as the cursed scourges they are.

We pray for healing in families, and progress in trade and technology so humankind can all benefit from the fruits of the mind.

We pray that the hard fought values of Western Civilization continue to be strong and respected, and that emotionally unstable and intellectually unhinged efforts to destroy all that has been achieved are exposed for the hollow quests they are.

We pray for honesty and bravery in the arts – so that it respects the audience and serve them rather than view them as objects to be socially engineered.

We pray for excellence and meritocracy – that give individuals the ability to transcend their backgrounds and celebrate their uniqueness, rather than serve as caricatures of oversimplified categories.

We pray for God ordained, sanctified capitalism – unapologetic, unashamed and unrestricted.

We pray for leaders with vision – willing to make sacrifices for the greater good, rather than being in service to themselves.

We pray for an end to the worship of victimhood. We pray that healing takes place and that strength, balance, dignity, self respect are once again seen as virtues.

We pray for a future better than the past – that the mission of humankind continues and that our greatest achievements are ahead of us, and not behind us.

We pray that everyone gets to pray how they want to pray – without any one group’s prayers being seen as more special, compulsory, protected or enjoying unfair advantage in the marketplace of ideology.

We pray for peace – if possible – compromise – if available – and truth – whether they like it or not.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.