Better Angels Release Date
26 Dec 2023

Mind’s Eye Theatre is Peter van der Walt’s eclectic collection of dark short stories, crossing multiple genres, times and places. Presented as episodes of audio stories accompanied by original illustrations, Mind’s Eye Theatre uses sounds and pictures to make the dark imaginings of Peter van der Walt come to life – and on Friday 5 January 2024, the third episode of Mind’s Eye Theatre kicks off the new year with Better Angels. Peter himself called Better Angels the darkest story he has ever written, and quite a few regular readers agree.

In a future rife with inhumanity, Bob Hadfield’s work exposes him to the worst of it. And in this conquered city after the next great war, even doing your best work can get you in real trouble.

As always, consider the name “Peter van der Walt” your blanket trigger warning…. only watch if you can take it.

You can view Better Angels as soon as it airs, as well as other episodes of Mind’s Eye Theatre (among other things) at the Peter van der Walt YouTube Channel, HERE.

Enjoy – and we’ll see you when everyone’s back from leave on January 15th!