August 2023 TLC Newsletter
21 Aug 2023

Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Seems like just the other day I was getting my nappies changed by mah – now it’s another newsletter.

This Friday brings existing members of The Lounge Club another one of their monthly emails. This one gives them advance view, a way to get free ebooks, an invite to a movie set – and a direct message from Pete directly to subscribers. TLC – The Lounge Club – has been around since the early days and it is a way for superfans and regular readers to get bonus, extra, first and exclusive content, as well as direct access to Peter van der Walt, his worlds and his stories.

Over time The Lounge Club has changed and it continues to change – but it is all about bringing value to readers and viewers. It’s not a sales funnel email list. It’s simply a way to communicate and appreciate. That’s not to say that readers don’t get discounts, specials, free stuff and the like. They very much do. It’s just not pitch after pitch after pitch – but updates on the life and work of Peter van der Walt no one else gets.

Currently closed for new members, The Lounge Club is being asked some questions on how they want to best enjoy their membership going forward – they get to vote on it and determine how the club runs.

There will be limited windows later in the year for new members to join, but membership to any future members may not be free. Current Members will have a lifelong legacy pass to whatever shape things take.

This Friday, in your inbox.