After Mind’s Eye Theatre
13 Feb 2024

Mind’s Eye Theatre pilots an all new episode every second month (next premiere 1 March) on YouTube. The series will run for a total of 8 episodes, and on the day the last show releases – 1 November – the Mind’s Eye Theatre book will launch, bringing together all 8 short stories, with artwork, audio, video and prose in a special hardcover edition – as well as 4 extra short stories. Each story is read by voice actors and masterfully illustrated – and we’ve seen enough “Season 1” references to be tempted to think there’ll be a Season 2.

Indeed, at some point, there will be a second volume – but it will be a while.

We have it on good authority that after Mind’s Eye Theatre’s first season ends on YouTube, the team at Privateer is going to deliver an illustrated and animated episodic series called THE DIG on YouTube. Privateer Media is Peter van der Walt’s film and TV production arm, and we know that at least two feature films are currently in development right now, for likely shooting later this year. All we know about the feature films is that they are both horror films, and that they are all original, written and directed by Peter van der Walt.

What do we know about THE DIG YouTube series? The same artistic team behind Mind’s Eye Theatre is behind the imagery and design – but what exactly that will look like is anyone’s guess – and knowing Peter it will definitely be different. Other than that and the fact that it will be episodic, with new episodes every month (and not bimonthly) – all we have to go on is pre-development artwork. This identifies it as a horror sci-fi crossover and teases with the two sentence hook.

Privateer is notoriously secretive about ongoing projects… but I will keep digging – erm, so to speak – and will report on anything we find out – whether Peter likes it or not (independence is in the contract).