A World Away Just Around The Bend
9 Nov 2023

Take the ferry out to Mount Edgecumbe and you can leave the city on foot. It’s steep in places and a bit of a stretch but you could reach this village by foot. Along the way you will be treated by soothing sights and wistful vistas, and your psyche will be dry-cleaned by slopes and rocks and roots and woods so that you can use your eyes afresh again – unencumbered by the noise of business-as-usual buzzing around your head. And then, just about when you’re out of breath, you get to breathe, and take it all in…

Doorways all low because the buildings were built when people were smaller. Church steeples the high points because God was taller. Winding little alleyways and sideroads and main slips netting around making every walk a different adventure. Local characters that make you smile and shake your head in equal measure. A place as proudly defiant as the people who dwelled here for thousands, thousands, thousands of years.

And here you can go into an ancient pub, and let the mind wander – free-range outside – dipping into all that could be… the cosy mystery and the parochial comedy… the summer fling and the winter scare… the life as it is, and the life, should we dare.