A convenient non-activist framework for change
31 Jan 2024

Like clockwork, every Saturday now, there are the protestors.

The cause doesn’t really matter – protest isn’t really free speech, civil change or a tool for convincing others. It is more a form of intimidation (look how many of us there are, and don’t you forget it) and a kind of group masturbation – where misfits and losers of all kinds can gather and feel good about themselves without doing anything substantive to change shit.

I notice, for example, that the same posers show up no matter what the cause. It’s ONLY in this post-reality, post-dignity world that you can find patently absurd phenomenon like ‘Queers For Palestine’ – yet the Queers in Question are also for returning land (just not their own), ousting the Tories, ending Capitalism, changing to Veganism, cancelling white male heterosexuals, or anything else that happens to be happening in the city centre or college campus that day.

Postcolonialism – the idea that territory for some reason always belongs eternally to the second last, third last, or in either case previous occupiers of the terrain – pretends to bind it all together, but its generally just anti-Westernism.

Screw everything Western, basically. That’s why – despite attempts at clever dodges – they march against coal plants in England but not China. When cleaner energy is proposed, like, say, nuclear, we can’t have that either.

There are actual enemies involved, who of course delight in these shows of force. But even when commanded to attend en masse from the vast networks of mosques, their numbers are supplemented by sickly, masochistic little anarchists and chaos fans steadily being mass produced in the safe space comfort zones of universities.

Now look – I get that it is a problem, but I also understand that counter-marching isn’t worth the time of anyone with valuable time. You.

You know that the climate is changing, but you also know that there is no climate emergency – because you aren’t a fucking toddler.

You are tolerant and open minded – just not so tolerant that you tolerate intolerance and not so open minded that your brains fall out.

Thus, out of the goodness of my heart, I have prepared a convenient, non-activist way for you to have your say.

Print a few of the leaflets below. One or two is all you need, on your house printer if you have one, or at the office when the Capitalist Pig Overlords aren’t looking.

The next time you are minding your own business and some sort of protest or march inserts itself between you and a peaceful life, simply hand out one of the leaflets.

You don’t have to say anything, do anything, or otherwise engage. Just smile, nod, and hand a protestor or two one of these babies. Then go on about your business.

Do this every time there’s a protest.

Now, a few of them are bright enough to get the message from the leaflet – it is pretty self explanatory.

But mind you, some of them have suffered years of indoctrination and you’ll need to break through.

Those are the ones that will go to the blog address.

I’ve created a link so you can find it. It’s a free blog and will stay up forever. You can read the education you’ll be sharing with them HERE.

I did this for myself, I won’t lie. But its just yet another example how self-interested individuals making a difference in the world is good for everyone, including any perceived or actual underclasses.

That’s just the sweetheart I am.

Welcome to 2024.